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Take the quiz: "What clothing store are you?"

Pac Sun
You like the cute stuff...you like the beach look and a style thats all you own!

Summer Roberts played by Rachel Bilson
You are Summer Roberts! You are loud brazen and
outgoing. You go girl! Your choice in men is
sound and your so lucky to have or will end up
with a guy like seth cohen

Which O.C. Character Are You?
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Take the quiz: "Which Charlies angel girl are you?"

cameron diaz
You love singing and dancing and been loud and vibrant. You pick you men to what suits you best and love people that spoil you. But you like to feel like you can look after yourself.

You scored as Punk Rock Fan. you like the catchy tunes of todays punk rock bands. Keep rockin.


Punk Rock Fan


True Rock Fan


Pop Music Fan


Are you a Rock music fan?
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Take the quiz: "Which Character from Napoleon Dynamite are you?"

You are Pedro!!!! You are a nerd but the best friend anyone could have.You are there no matter what.....and you treat friends like family!!! You have great qualities in you that are orginal and rare!!!You also can do anything you put your mind to!!!!Keep up the good work!!!
Yesss...I'm a mexican...wow. my wildest dreams have come true! j/k

Youre beautiful, rich, and have absolutely no
faults. Well, except for the being bitchy,
bulimic, stuck up, spoiled brat. But hey, youre
also very determined. Congratulations, youre
Blair! Now go flirt with Nate and stick your
finger down your throat.

What character from Gossip Girl are you? (with pics!)
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my pet!

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

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